Programming Solutions & Software Development for your Business

  • Strategic Programming Solutions


    Strategic business and programming solutions for your business.

  • Vision to see a solution for your business


    Specialist skills to design and build customised systems for your business.

  • Creative IT solutions


    Creative software solutions to complex business problems.

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Kre8IT provides various software solutions for business and individuals from custom programming and API development to e-commerce solutions. Kre8IT provides quality specialist services to it's clients. Systems are designed and built to exactly fit your needs. We possess specialised skills and vast experience in software development and programming that can help your business get ahead of its competitors. Innovation and fresh thinking is central in our design process while moulding a unique solution to each client's requirements.

Contact us for a consultation to create a customised website that will cater to your business's needs. If your site does not have the functionality that you want or your customer demands, contact us to discuss how we can help improve your online business and your customer's online experience with your website.


With almost every form of communication depending on the internet your business can't afford to be left behind without an innovative software solution to keep your business ahead of its competitors.

IT Strategy

We will help you implement a long-term system strategy to achieve your goals in a rapidly changing technology environment, designed to align with your business strategy.

Business Vision

Our expert IT consultants can save your business time and money by applying experience and vision to identify cost-effective IT solutions that suit your needs.

Business Automation

Automate all of your back-end admin functions from Bookings & Sales to Deliveries, Tracking and Collections.


Our web-based software is responsive and accessable from anywhere, at anytime, and on any Internet enabled device.


Our software is designed according to the information and reporting requirements of each customer, and can be adapted or extended to include additional Kre8IT applications as needs change.

Customised Software

Our automation design is configured in a way to maintain and enhance your competitive advantage.

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